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If you’re like me, then you’re looking for ways to get and stay healthy, both in your body and mind. Throughout my life I’ve learnt that first your relationship with food needs to be healthy, so I’ve spent a good part of my life teaching myself and others how to achieve this. I’ve tried to take the mystery out of weird ingredients, cooking, eating and shopping for food.

I’m not a meat and three veg kind of gal and I know lots of you aren’t either – whether that’s due to weight loss, pregnancy, you’re having trouble sleeping or digesting properly, thinking about going gluten free, raw, vegan or vego, have high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, behavioural issues, arthritis or diabetes or just because you feel 60 at 30. Or, like me you’re concerned about the environmental, ethical and health implications of factory farming animals and GMO technology.

Whatever the reason, I hope you find my site a source of inspiration, knowledge and empowerment. Welcome to the world of healthy, simple and fun food.

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