Iodine Deficiency: More Prevalent Than Ever Before.

9th May, 2016

13062141_881943921916172_1833522901200724907_nAn iodine deficiency will result in an enlarged thyroid gland or loiter. This happens in order to try to trap as many iodine molecules as possible.

Excess iodine, on the other hand, not being absorbed by the body can also cause a goiter on the thyroid.

The RDA for iodine is 150 mcg/day. Are you getting enough?


Veggie Quinoa Nori Rolls below are a good source of iodine.
7 grams of dried seaweed will give you 4500 mcg.

I use nori sheets as you would a flat bread like Mountain Bread. Wrap leftovers, salad, marinated tofu, avocado, roast pumpkin, tahini dressing etc up in a sheet of nori and voila – your iodine (calcium, fibre, iron and more) quota is covered.

An iodine deficiency will result in dry, flaky skin – and a lack of sweating. We sweat to eliminate toxins, and to maintain our body temperature. An Iodine deficiency will also result in a dry mouth and lack of saliva.

The iodine content of food varies greatly depending on the soil where the food has been grown.

The RDA for iodine is 150 mcg/day2.

Cod (fish): 1/2 cup/85g/3 oz = 99 mcg (66% Daily Value)

Use the recipe below to make a chowder using salted or smoked cod. Perfect for Autumn. And finish off with a sprinkling of pulse (seaweed) flakes to massively increase the amount of iodine you’ll get.




Autumn: Cocount

9th May, 2016

Coconut is a great source of good fats in Autumn and Winter for our skin, lungs and colon. And slow cooked foods is what you want now.

VIDEO CLIP – BLACK RICE PUDDING WITH BANANA AND COCONUT SAUCE. (Black rice is actually a seed btw, not a grain.)


Autumn flavours

9th May, 2016

Eggs, clams, lemons and sweet potatoes are sour-flavoured foods that protect the skin from the wind. Kale is a great source of Vitamin which is good for your immunity.



Autumn- Ginger for lungs and colon

9th May, 2016

GINGER is perfect for Autumn. It’s wonderful for your lungs and your colon.

VIDEO CLIP below for a yummy recipe using eggplant and ginger.


Autumn: Dryness

5th May, 2016

DRYNESS. Many of us also suffer from dryness in autumn—symptoms of this are a dry cough, dry lips, wrinkles, itchiness and constipation.

To relieve the symptoms of dryness, you are encouraged to eat moistening foods – good oils (including sustainable fish), nuts, need, apples and pears.

Smoked Haddock Chowder Recipe – leave the omega spread out and use any good milk you like

Smoked Haddock Chowder


Autumn-take extra care.

5th May, 2016

Autumn is traditionally a time for harvest. It is a time when the energy in your body moves inwards and downwards, in preparation for winter. The emphasis now needs to be on nurturing, building and supporting your organs for the cold change ahead. It is time to clear the heat of summer from your body.

Although the organs that need most attention during autumn are the lungs and colon, the liver and gallbladder also need attention, as in TCM these organs are related. Take extra care at this time, as it is easy to suffer from gastrointestinal and respiratory complaints.

French Onion soup Recipe – A very tasty and healthy twist of traditional French Onion Soup. Leave out the Omega Spread

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