Adrenal fatigue- take it easy

29th November, 2015

The pattern usually looks like this.


It’s important to take yourself easy during this time. It could take a year or 2 to fully recover from AF, and that’s only if you really, truly care for yourself.

Daytime naps, the correct supplementation, bed by 10pm, and avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol will be a very good decision. Also avoiding situations, people and thoughts that cause you pain and stress.

Meditation will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, and there are many different types designed to suit everyone from the absolute beginner. Check out some of the many free App’s available via the App Store


AF Quiz

29th November, 2015

Take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz. ‘This questionnaire covers many of the common fatigue causes and stress symptoms associated with fatigued adrenals. Although not meant to be a stand-alone diagnostic tool, this stress quiz can be helpful in indicating the presence and degree of adrenal fatigue.’


Reflexology Pressure Point: AF

29th November, 2015

Reflexology Pressure Point for Adrenal Fatigue, and exhaustion. Press firmly for as long as you want or can, and as often as you can.

af reflexology


AF: Testing

29th November, 2015

testCortisol output by your adrenal glands is one of the most reliable indicators of your adrenal function, and levels of this main adrenal hormone rise and fall in a daily pattern. A single blood test won’t be accurate enough, you need the whole picture over a day.

The Cortisol/DHEAS Saliva Test measures the levels of the stress hormones DHEAS and cortisol in your saliva, and provides an evaluation of how cortisol levels differ throughout the day.

Saliva tests are reliable indicators of the levels of all steroid hormones – cortisol, DHEAS and all sex steroids – in your body.

The test involves spitting into a test tube 4 times a day – 8am, noon, 4pm and 8pm.

Both you and your health practitioner will receive copies of the results, usually within 2 weeks.

Talk to your health care professional about your symptoms and ask if this test would be useful for you. Unfortunately many physicians are still unaware of the validity, reliability and value of saliva hormone tests.


5 supplements for AF

29th November, 2015

Supplements to Nourish the Adrenal Glands. If you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue (or been trying to figure out what the hell’s wrong with your health) you may already be drowning in a mish mash of supplements. This is probably because you are attempting to relieve some of the seemingly unrelated symptoms and find some normalcy again.

I use the Lifestream powders of the below vitamins so I can put them all into one shot with my adrenal herbs – twice a day. Easy!

What to take –

1. Vitamin C by Lifestream
Your body uses vitamin C to produce cortisol. When vitamin C is all used up, the body panics, in a sense, and paradoxically tries to create more cortisol to calm the situation. The adrenal glands then get stuck in a cycle of exhaustion due to creating something for which they don’t have the ingredients.
You’ll need to high dose this. See my earlier post on Vit C.

2. Magnesium by Lifestream
A lack of magnesium leads to more stress on the body and, again, overworks the adrenal glands.

3. Sea salt is loaded with nutrients and minerals that your adrenal glands desperately need. Sodium is crucial to the functioning of the adrenals. It’s also alkalising. Take 1 teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water each morning. Make sure you purchase unrefined salt such as Celtic or Himalayan.

4. Withania
Ashawaganda somnifera is an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it basically adapts to your body’s need and circumstances. Ask for it in your health food store.

5. Vitamin B Complex by Lifestream
B vitamins are also produced by your adrenal glands. Vitamins B5 and B12 in particular are often lacking in adrenal fatigue patients.

Recovery from AF IS possible, given the proper nutrients, as well as abundant rest and a positive attitude.


What is Adrenal Fatigue?

29th November, 2015

what af

What is AF? The adrenal glands are endocrine glands that sit on top of your kidneys and are responsible for the production of a host of hormones and neurotransmitters – cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. All of these have a massive impact on your stress levels.

Cortisol: Chronic stress leads to the overproduction of cortisol and may in turn cause weight gain, depression, and blood sugar problems.

Adrenaline: If you produce too much adrenaline in response to stress you will likely have insomnia, panic attacks or anxiety, and perhaps weight loss. This helps us to understand why some people lose weight while others gain during stressful periods.

Noradrenaline: Too much noradrenaline (also called norepinephrine) can cause high blood pressure, nervousness, heart palpitations, and headaches.

Dopamine: Can affect alertness, concentration levels, and creativity. Therefore, an imbalance in dopamine can create symptoms such as insomnia, inability to concentrate, and even weight gain.

These hormones and neurotransmitters being produced by the adrenal glands play a huge, and rather complicated role in your health and wellbeing.

So, lets get them back in balance.


Adrenal Fatigue- get spring back in your step

29th November, 2015

How’s your morning going today? A bit like this perhaps?


The best way to get that spring back in your step is –

– get to bed early
– take day time naps
– learn to meditate
– take adrenals herbs (see earlier post)
– stress less
– take vitamin C is high doses
– avoid coffee and alcohol fro a while
– reduce high intensity cardio exercises and replace them with gentle exercises
– avoid too many grains, and refined sugar
– do what makes you happy as much as you can
– avoid multi-tasking


AF- Symtoms

29th November, 2015

af symtoms

Plus so many more.

symtoms af



Treating Adrenal Fatigue simply

29th November, 2015

A Simple Overview of How To Treat AF.

treat af



Herbal Medicine To Use: AF

29th November, 2015

Exhausted all the time? This could be why.

Herbs to help with AF- Very effective adrenal herbs are Rhodiola, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Withania, and Siberian Ginseng (if not too wired). Rehmannia is also wonderful as is Licorce (if high blood pressure not present).

Ask in your health food store about the best brands or talk to your Naturopath or Herbalist.


Adrenal glands- IMPORTANT

29th November, 2015

Are these little glands important. I think so. REALLY important! You can see here how they’re involved with energy, anxiety and fertility – among many other pathways.

hormones af


Importance of exercise for AF.

29th November, 2015


Exercise. It’s really important not to exert yourself too much when your adrenal glands (your petrol tank) is already empty. Doing wheelies everyday, whilst accelerating will only lead to complete burnout.

Gente exercise is recommended now, and sometimes in the beginning not even that. Things like the Chinese martial art Qi Gong is perfect, as is Tai Qi. Gently and mindful walking is an elixir in itself and when it comes to yoga – go for Yin, Hatha or restorative yoga not Bikram, Asthanga or even Iyengar at this point. Pilates will also be very helpful, as will be swimming.

Absolutely no Cross Fit or Spin classes, and forget about your running for now, and Boot Camp – NO! This is a time to ‘restore’ not ‘drain’. We need to put energy IN not give it away.

I personally found not running the hardest thing to ‘do’. Not because I loved running so much (and I still do) but because it helped me keep my weight down and my body fit and toned. But, it contributed to my own AF, plus – if I was truly honest with myself, even the thought of going for a run exhausted me. Sound familiar?

Re-learning what our bodies truly need is a huge challenge. It’s a fight between the heart and the head – the soul and the ego.

Listening, really listening to our bodies is an art and one that will always pay off. It’s not forever, just until you’re petrol tank is filled again. Surrender to ‘Less Is More’.


Location of Adrenal gland

29th November, 2015

Your ADRENAL GLANDS sit just on top of your kidneys. Small sure, but they pack a big punch, and if they’re exhausted, then you’re not going to get your way. Nuh uh! ‘The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ should be the tag line for AF

adrenal gland

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